What’s On My iPhone: PowerPoint Presentation Viewers, Atomic Web Browser And More

Using my iPhone 4S to display PowerPoint presentations on a project has caused me to download and try what seems like dozens of viewers, browsers and apps from the iTunes App Store. Seriously, I get dizzy thinking about all the apps I’ve tried. I’m really glad that iPhone apps can be organized into folders to keep the craziness contained.

I have a folder called Presentation so that I can quickly get to the app I’m going to use for a PowerPoint presentation in classes. I carry my cable around for moments like this, it works with both my iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Things have changed with iPhone 5 and its new cable, and I’m looking at that soon. For now, I continue to use my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for presentation projection. Here are some of my favorites apps that work just great. There are many options, I know, these are just the ones I end up using over and over again.

Atomic Web by Rich Tech for 99c is one of my favorite apps. It’s a browser with TV out support. I frequently email a PowerPoint presentation to my gmail account, open it with Atomic Web and display it. Obviously advanced features in PowerPoint will be lost, but it does the job.

TVOut Genie by JwalSoft Inc works like a charm displaying documents, maps, presentations, Facebook from you iPhone through the cable to the projector. It takes a little getting used to and after a moment of frustration when I didn’t realize the TV out toggle switch turned itself off between documents, I got it all figured out and I find myself use this little app quite a bit.

Present It by Brandon Bell is a new addition, it does the job, I just have to figure out how to end a presentation while it is going. Also only 99c it allows me to show presentation rather well. Again, I email the presentation to myself, and use the “open in” feature. Then the app does a one time rendering so that the presentation displays well and run smoothly, I guess. Whatever it’s doing, it works rather nicely.

Presentation Viewer by onoko is a free app that does the same thing as my favorites above. Reviews on iTunes complained about the app crashing a lot, making me wonder about it. But I haven’t had a single crash and it is a deal at zero cents!

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