Top 10 Christmas Presents for Her

Be bold. Be original. Be personal. Women, more often than not, are notoriously hard to buy for at Christmas, whether it’s your significant other, Mum, sister, niece or just a chum. Each of these women has their own likes and dislikes, which can be extremely frustrating.

Tearing your hair out in an effort to find anything that could qualify as an alright Christmas gift for her? Leave the Veet hair removal creams, Nigella Lawson cookbooks and cheap Eu de Toilet perfumes alone. Gifts like these suggest she’s either too hairy, hopeless in the kitchen or worthy of a fragrance that smells like the bathroom, mouldy fruit or your dirty socks.

Luckily, there are alternatives – that is to say personalised Christmas gifts. There are two very simple reasons why you should opt for these types of pressies. A.) You’re not going to have a heart attack battling your way through the maddening crowds of your local high street because they’re sitting cosily online. And B.) These beauts can be personalised with any name plus a thoughtful message of your choice.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Christmas presents for the fairer sex…

10. Personalised Chocolate Bars

Wish the lovely lady or little girl in your life a very yummy and edible “Happy Christmas” with a personalised choccie bar. These scrumptious Xmas present ideas feature cute, Christmassy designs along with her name emblazoned across the packaging. Simply marvellous, darling!

9. Engraved Silver Trinket Boxes

If you have to give her little more than a silver-plated pair of earrings from Elizabeth Duke, then be a bit swish about it and pop them inside a gorgeous silver trinket box, engraved with her name.

8. Pampering Experiences

One of the top Christmas gift ideas 2011 comes in the form of gift experiences – namely pampering experiences. What woman wouldn’t relish relaxing and unwinding at a luxurious spa? Or being made up like a model for a professional photo shoot that will have jaws dropping?

7. Female Spoof Newspapers

If she loves to be in the limelight, then let her dominate the front pages in a spoof story! You can get titles like Sexiest Woman Alive, Christmas No. 1 Female Solo Artist and much, much more.

6. Year Edition – Newspaper Book

You could even create a newspaper book, from any date of your choice, just for her. These special books are complete recreations of a national newspaper, containing major news stories from that year so she can relive the news that happened on that day.

5. A Christmas Gift Book from Me to You

If you’re buying for a girlfriend or wife, and feeling a tad soppy, then why not have a book specially created for her? See her name embedded in beautiful images – written in snow, embroidered on a stocking, spelled out in baubles – for a truly matchless gift.

4. Personalised Pop Art

For a photo with a twist, consider personalised pop art. Have her favourite photograph immortalised for life by turning it into an Andy Warhol-style work of art. That could be a snap of you, you and her, her favourite pet, holiday… the list goes on.

3. Name a Box of Chocolates

You’ve probably heard of naming stars after people. But why not have a selection of sumptuous chocolates named after the sweet-toothed lady in your life, and registered on the ‘Chocolate Foundation’ database? There are over 12 billion chocolate combinations to choose from! These scrummy packs also include a history of chocolate, recipes and more.

2. Personalised Wimbledon Tennis Book

Laver… Billie Jean King… Connors… Ashe… Becker… Sampras… These are just some of the biggest names in tennis. If she’s tickled about tennis, then what better gift to get her than a book all about the beautiful sport? From Tony Wilding’s fourth Wimbledon win in 1913 to Fred Perry’s victory in 1934, and much more in between, this book reveals the greatest Wimbledon Tennis Finals from the past and present, as covered in the newspapers of the time. An “ace” gift for any tennis-loving lady.

1. Personalised Classics

If she’s a bookworm, create a novel for her. Well, that is to say, have her name featured in a timeless classic. Titles include Pride & Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Romeo & Juliet and more.

And that, ladies and gents, is a rundown of the top Christmas presents 2011 for women. So get yourself online now!

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