Presentation Folder Printing Options and Types

Presentation folder printing can be very confusing and difficult. The folders are a very important marketing tool and many times the first thing people see. It can mean the difference between the people you are presenting to listening to you or wandering. It can help people form an opinion about you and your business. The folder you choose will need to represent your business and your goals.

If you are preparing a presentation, the first thing you should do is consider the type of folder you want. You must think about what you want on it and where you want it to go. Using a great presentation folder can make your presentation memorable. It is a good thing to have your logo displayed prominently on the folder. Remember you want your clients to remember your name.

One of the first things you will want to think about when you are putting together a presentation folder is color. It is important because people will notice the color of something first and remember it. You will want to use your company colors if possible. If you are using a professional printer make sure they can do the exact colors that you chose.

Paper selection is another important part of presentation printing. If you want the presentation to travel then you will need to use a heavy stock. If you are just using it as a quick cover, a lighter stock will work. Remember, heavy paper generally indicates quality and you want your client think the best of you. If you want your client to take it with them and refer to it often, you will want to use something that is going to stand up.

If you are selecting paper, you want to think of gloss or matte finishes. Gloss does look good, but some printers cannot handle a gloss finish. If you are using a professional printer, be sure to check their prices on gloss versus matte. Also, take into consideration that gloss does tend to smudge or fingerprint easily.

Folder size is another important decision. You will need it to be a bit bigger than the largest document you have. If you have pockets, then the professional printer you are using will need to use larger paper. If you are not having it done professionally, you will need to make sure your printer can take the correct size. If you are going to have pockets in your folder you will need to keep in mind the promotional materials you want to put in them. Make sure that the folder closes neatly over them.

If you are choosing a professional printer, who you choose is very important. Make sure you have an idea of what you want before you go to a printer. Explain what you want, look at card stock samples and be very clear when dealing with the printer.

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