Create Valentines Presents Personalised With Your Photos

Canvas Prints

Pick a single photo and have it printed on canvas. You can even write a short text message or caption that is included around the edge of the photo on the front of the canvas or have the message printed on the back of the frame. The choice of photo is down to you, and you can choose between pictures of people, places, or objects. One of the simplest but most effective ideas is to use a picture of the two of you together.

Photo Montages

Why choose a single photo when you can use many different pictures instead? Publishing applications like Microsoft’s Publisher can be used to great effective montages that consist of a number of pictures but if you’re not confident in creating your own photo montage, you can let a professional design team do the work for you. Choose from a handful of pictures or a larger selection of pictures to create exactly the design you want.

Valentines Cushions

Love Hearts cushions are special Valentines Day items that include a Love Heart design and can be personalised so that they include a short but effective text message within the hearts. While these do prove especially popular, you can also customise a cushion with any picture, photo, or other design, so that you can give a gift that you know the recipient will truly enjoy. Valentines Cushions aren’t just romantic but they are comfortable and beautiful looking too.

Valentines Puzzles

Another unique Valentines Day gift idea is a personalised love puzzle. Create any text or picture based design and have this printed onto quality puzzle board. The board is then cut into shape, according to the size of puzzle you pick, and a display tin is created. While it is standard to include the image on the tin, you may also go for the surprise option so that the recipient must finish the puzzle in order to read the message or see the picture that you used.

Coasters And Placemats

If you’re planning a romantic, candlelit meal then why not finish the table with customised table settings? Placemats and coasters can be customised with any photos or text in the same way as any other item. You could use a picture of the two of you together and then further personalise it with the date and a brief Valentines message.

Gift Boxes And Cards

Whether you choose a personalised Valentines gift or not, your present can benefit from a photo gift box. Print a picture on the lid or across the lid and all sides of the sturdy gift box. Available in a selection of sizes, the photo gift box is the ideal accompaniment to any gift. You can also create unique Valentines Day cards using any photos, captions, or text – the only thing that limits you when designing these items is your imagination so you can go as wild or be as reserved as you like.

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