Be a Confident Webinar Presenter

It is quite common for people who have never presented a webinar to become nervous as their first presentation approaches. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. There are a variety of things that you can do to make yourself feel and be more confident. These include; knowing your material, practice, detecting and correcting flaws in your presentation and working with a partner.

Know your material! This seems almost too basic to mention but it is a fact that many new webinar presenters fumble with facts, lose track of their train of thought or appear disorganized. None of these is what you want your viewers to see. You must be comfortable with the knowledge and facts included in your presentation and be able to put them across in a concise and comprehensive manner. This leads us to our next suggestion.

Practice, practice, practice. Any of you that have been involved in sports or the performing arts will already be well aware of this way of becoming proficient and confident in a skill. The more you practice and the more webinars you present, the better you will become at it. Using a mirror is one technique many people find effective in improving their webinar performance.

Detecting and correcting mistakes in your webinar can be one of the most challenging parts of the process of preparing your presentation. Self-correction is helpful; watching yourself on a recording can be very instructive as to any mistakes that you are making. It is very helpful to have a friend or colleague assist you as well. Their assessment of your presentation might be very different from yours and give you valuable insights into how you could improve your webinar. This is one part of working with a partner.

You might also consider using your partner to either co-host your webinar or give a talk or presentation within it. For many people knowing that they have help on hand reduces any apprehension they might be feeling about giving the presentation. It can also be easier to get ideas and energy flowing when you have someone to discuss the webinar with.

Let’s go over the techniques that we have discussed to help you feel more relaxed and confident when you make your webinar presentation.

You need to have good knowledge of the material in your presentation and the ability to deliver it comprehensively.

You need to have practiced your presentation several times.

You need to have the webinar critiqued both by yourself and by a friend or colleague.

You can also use the person who critiqued you to co-host or present part of the webinar.

If you follow these simple steps you will find yourself confidently presenting your very own webinar.

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