5 Key Tools When Delivering a Presentation

How would you like to delivery your next presentation with ease?

1. Go to the center of the stage, stand with your feet slightly apart inline with your shoulders and let your hands fall at your side. This would allow you to relax, take a deep breathe and just look at the audience.

2. Scan the audience from left-to-right-to-left. Give a BIG smile. That will command the audience attention. You will be surprise that the room will get very quite and all eyes will be on you. (don’t be scared, this is what you want). Remember you have information that you want to share with your audience, that is why they came.

3.The first words out of your mouth should be in the form of a question; relate it to your topic. e.g. How many of you…? Then you always acknowledge the audience by saying THANK YOU once they have responded.

4.You want to introduce yourself and give the title of your When you are preparing for a presentation, here are 5 key tools to keep in mind when giving your delivery presentation e.g. My name is XXX and I would like to welcome you to XXX.

5.Acknowledge the audience for coming out. e.g. I know most of you are busy, so thank you for taking the time to come here today.

These 5 tools will get you started with your delivery of your presentation.

You have to make sure and stay relaxed, and think about the information you are delivering.

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